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    I am looking to get ringtones off of my Lumia 640 phone and transit to my new phone (Asus Zenfone 8 Android)
    I found one of the tones from Lumia through an AT&T site and it works fine and use as phone's main ringer. Really want the text message Lumia original tone-one and maybe others.

    I tried the method of Bluetooth; placed phones and paired Ok (side by side, no charger cable or anything needed) and i have the file or my file mgr. on Zenfone to receive but don't know how to get the tones in a file mgr. from Lumia to lift off...
    I don't have service on Lumia phone and haven't updated firmware since last usage few yrs. ago since Microsoft let the phones go...
    So, I don't know if that's essential of having it up to date. Any recommends or ideas appreciated.

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