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    It seems so hard to find good ringtones for this phonem it can only play 4 notes, i dont know much about midi, but do u all know how to use the nokia sound converter. thanks.

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    i use nokia sound converter + another program called ANVIL STUDIO.... because the nokia converter doesnt let u edit the tracks and the volume of each instrument you have to use another program to do that....
    After i edit the song and make it the way i want i open it on Nokia sound Converter and set the priorities of the instruments by moving the instrument up or down.... when the instrument is in green font it means it will play on the phone, black font means it will not play on the phone, and red means it is messing up the ringtone by overlapping other instruments... to make the font color change you change the polyphony level (when you choose advanced mode).. + make sure you only put 4 instruments at a time.. you can put more than 4 but they shouldnt all play simultaniosly or else the phone will try to play a part of each instrument at a time

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