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    I was wondering if anyone knows the gaming capabilities or which series the new nokia 3300 runs on.

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    I found out it's a series 40 but does that mean i can only play series 40 games? I know not series 60 but what about 30? Any backward compatibility there?

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    ok... let me put it this way =)

    u have a 3300 which is a series 40 phones..
    let's see how other games will look on ur phone =)

    series 30 on series 40

    the game will take up one quarter of your screen (yes! one quarter!) the rest will be filled by the background color specified by the java application.

    usually it'll appear on the top left hand corner..

    on the bottom part of the game, there'll be some colliding pixels.. no matter.. it shouldn't be TOO irritating..

    did i mention everything looks mojo small?

    don't blame your phone.. after all, you're running a 96x65pixel application on a 128x128pixel screen =)

    series 60 on series 40

    IF it even runs (some applications will refuse to start when it detects it's on the wrong phone), you will first go: "HEY! where's the bottom part of my screen?!"

    yep, you'll not be able to view the whole window. some parts will just be erm... cropped off.

    works the same way for a series 30 phone running series 40 apps..

    personally, i'd rather have the small screens. at least you can still play the games =)

    oh. btw, if it's meant for symbian or requires a 3D graphics chip, eg. tomb raider for n-gage. nah. it won't work at all. hehehe

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