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    Does anyone have good/bad experiences or reviews to share about either of these phones? I'm thinking about buying one of them but I'm not sure which.. although I'm leaning towards the T610.

    See More: Nokia 7250/7250i or Sony Ericsson T610

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    my impressions...

    hi there, I hope I'm not too late, but anyway...
    I had the chance to play around with the 6610 and the 7250, and recently I got a T610 for my own. and here is why I have chosen SonyEricsson over Nokia:
    • I had a 8910i and it broke apart after 3 months and Nokia refused to fix it on warranty, so I had to chose between a broken phone (it was BROKEN, so useless...) or pay 1/2 of the price I payed for the new phone additionally to make them fix it. And believe me, it was VERY EXPENSIVE...
      once upon a time I had an Ericcson R520 and a pretty little bug, they replaced the whole phone for free, that's service, man...!
    • the Nokias have pretty small screens, I like big screens, so...
    • I don't like the Nokia-keys, so I tried the SonyEricssons. I don't like them either, but I don't buy a phone because of it's keyboard
    • I don't like the Nokia design
    • the camera of the 7250 produces garbage (my opinion). the T610 camera is just a toy too, but by far more impressive than what the 7250 is

    My reasons why I have chosen the T610. And by now, I get happier with every menu I reveal playing around with the phone

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    The thing about these phones is that the 7250 has bigger memory, but without a picture phonebook, so it doesn't quite matter to me. The T610 has less memory but has a pretty cool picture phonebook... which I really love! If someone sends me an SMS, that person's picture shows up also on the new SMS notice! They both have pretty underwhelming cameras. I'm not sure, but I think the 7250 has no bluetooth... on my t610, I'm having a lot of fun with the bluetooth feature. Especially since I can tranfer files easily and synchronise my contacts using it.

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    I own the T610 and like my T68i before it I think Ericsson phones suffer from poor build quality, the joystick has failed on my t610 and am waiting for it to be repaired. However the features of the T610 are far superior then the 7250i, the camera is better and the screen has more colours. Also the T610 has bluetooth, so it depends what you want from the phone, features or reliability?

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    the t610 has better resolution due its amazing color depth (65k colors), it should have been made with a tft screen though instead of stn. performance wise, the 7250i is a little faster since the t610 slightly suffers from the t68i syndrome (rather slow access time) and has a larger memory allocation (5MB off the box).
    i still recomment the t610.
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    Originally posted by Nookie 3:16
    i still recomment the t610.
    that's what I tried to do

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    t610 has perfect colours has a cool design a lot of futures like picture editor and music dj and i must say that i love the ringtones they are perfect

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    Am i too late?

    I have a T610 ,7650 ,3650 ,7250 ,6610 ,GD88 n a Free-i etc. etc.
    I collects handphones.

    To my experince....among all these phones that i've listed here
    T610 ,7650 and 3650 are on TOP.

    Depending on what you are looking for ,in a handphone.
    . All these phones have BT and IR thus, connectivity is good.
    . But T610 have higher radiation level, coz even from a distance
    my TV screen starts to flicker when receiving/making a call.
    . Comparing the size T610 is the smallest,but it weight abt the
    same as 3650
    . T610 has the best on-screen display, thus looks more colourful.
    . 3650 produces the best quality pictures after transfering to a
    . 7650 sure is big, but the sliding panel is useful n cool.
    . T610 has nicer poly tunes, n is more plesent to the ears.
    . Of these 3 phones nokia is more widely used, thus there are
    more programs n gadgets made for them.N also cost less to
    . For 3650 n 7650, theres lots of free cracked games n utilities
    around! eg.irRemote, 3D racer ,ICQ ,Video Recorder ...etc etc
    . 3650 is the best on memory.That means more Tones ,longer
    Videos ,more Games n Programs.

    All these phones have their own good/bad sides.
    7250 n 6610 have Radio but others dont.
    GD88 has a bigger n clearer screen display
    Free-i has a 180degrees rotate camera
    7650 is easy to use n cool
    3650 has more memory n more durable n small battery
    T610 have nice tones n screen colours

    I have no regrets buying T610 n 7650
    They are the 2 that i frequently uses.
    T610 is sleek n smart
    7650 is fun n cool

    I enjoys using my 7650's irRemote as i always goes to my friend's home or shopping mall to Off their TVs DVDs Hi-FIs n lots n lots.Haha!!

    1 last thing!
    When you are used to Nokia Keys....
    You'll tends to press the wrong button on the T610 n vice versa

    All colour phones are a bit slow.

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    Sorry....i gotta add something.

    7250 is abt the same as 6610, jus that it had an inbuild camera which sucks big time.But both have radio function with loud speaker.I uses them only when i need to share radio with my friends.(",)

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