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    My brother is interested in buying one of these and I was wondering if someone who has sharp gx 20 could tell me if they are happy with their purchase.

    I read today that nokia will have 3660 in stores by the end of the year,with better screen than 3650.Think he should wait?We are both nokia fans.Is sharp gx 20 that good?

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    I have not heard of nokia 3660, but there is a 3G phone by nokia coming out at end of the year called 7600. 3650 is definately a very good phone, although its successor(Nokia 6600), is better. I suggest you wait for that.
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    I have the nokia 7650, which i like, for it feels solid and does most things, some apps i have added. only draw back it doesnt have a bluetooth audio profile, therefore no wireless headset!
    That pissed me off big time. The 3650 is ok but if your used to using a cellphone it will put you off because the button are not normally placed. PLus i never liked it, cos of its girly looks but thats me.

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