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    I just recently got my Nokia 7250i and when I was at an Opera, I pulled out my phone and headset and started listening to my radio. Well i had it on for about 20 mins and then it was intermission. After intermission, I got it back out and i forgot that my volume was too high. When I tried to turn it down using the side button on the left of the phone, it wouldnt turn it down. I kept trying to do it, then i heard a crack and i stopped. I restarted my phone and then it worked fine.

    If you could tell me what the crack noise was or any other bugs found in the Nokia 7250i, let me know and also how to fix them!

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    another bug,...

    in the n7250i is that u may nt be able to switch wallpapers from the Gallery-(Graphics)......(after changing,....ur fone jams,...)

    so, what u can do is change it from ur display settings in Settings Menu,..... and u can change ur wallpaper there,.... (read it from
    another thread in tis forum),......

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