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    I have a 3510 and recently I seen in a fone shop the data cable for my fone and I can see where it plugs in and all.

    I was just wonderinm what does it actually do? Is it for puttin pictures and tones on to my mobile?

    I heard sumewhere that you can use it to replace the default tones already on the fone, is this true? It wld b handy as my fone only stores 20 tones.

    Any help is apreciated

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    I dont think u can over write the default tones on ur phone but wid the data cable u can add picture messages screensavers logos and tones... Its good to get to save some money if u use it right of course..


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    You'll need to downlolad a program to use with the cable first.
    I've come accross a program which writes tones to the pre-made tones section, and not to the gallery, but it can't delete the pre-made tones.

    And you can put tones and images (as well as games) onto your phone. You'll need to downlolad them from the web first though.
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    Your default ringtones you can't remove.

    To use the Date Cable you need to install the Nokia PC Suite on your computer. Then you can move ringtones, pictures and games to your phone.

    You also can sync your contacts from Outlook with your cellphone or edit the contacts on your phone.

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