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    Hello all,

    Hope this is the right forum to post this reqest...

    I need to purchase a cell phone. Going to Europe for a month's vacation this coming May, and I really need the phone while I'm there. Purchasing seems cheaper than renting.

    Believe it or not I've never owned a phone.

    I'm basically ignorant about cell phones, but have tried to learn what I can about them so I actually end up getting what I want. My research led me to this forum.

    I can get an unlocked Motorola P7389 TriBand GSM World Phone for around US$70 and it seems to have almost every feature I can think of that I NEED.

    But this phone lacks some features I that I would like to have, mainly a digital camera and (I believe) email access capabilities(both to check my mail and share the photos I take with the new camera).

    I would like to keep the purchase price under US$250.

    Any and all comments would be great.

    Thanks so much for putting up with this request and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you here.

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    i think you better purchase the Nokia 3650 it has some good features and it's a TriBand phone plus it's not so expensive c/s Nokia just revealed his upgraded model the Nokia 3660

    Hoped i could help

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    banana man

    Agree with poster above. The 3650 is a good phone, just get use to the keypads and it should be alright!

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