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    Hi ,

    I and my wife have recently shifted to Australia. We almost tried managing all the stuff here but I am only left with the mobile plans as I am not aware which will work best for me.

    One of my friend in the neighborhood suggested me to go for Optus, so any recommendations, if anybody can help me out to get the best and cheap mobile plans here?


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    Re: Phone Plans in Australia

    Optus have some great deals on for Xmas - but also compare to alternatives. There are plenty of comparison sites - just google 'compare phone plans'.

    There is very little difference between the speeds you'll get with the 3 main operators ( or the companies which resell their networks ) see : Revealed: the fastest telcos and cities in Australia for broadband

    Use setting on your phone to figure out how much data you need if you don't already know. Most plans now have unlimited voice and SMS included for domestic (within australia) calls.

    In short, Optus is fine and have good pricing prior to Christmas but you have many alternatives - you just need to do 5 mintues research.

    Finally, if you intend to go out in to rural areas - there really is no alternative to the Telstra network They cover pretty much twice the number of square miles of any other network.

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