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    I have just purchased a Panasonic VS6. It did not come with a data cable so I got a USB bluetooth adaptor instead as I could not find somewhere to purchase the data cable. It installed fine and my pc and phone both recognise eachother however when I try so send a file from the VS6 to my pc I get this error:

    "The system detected an invalid pointer address in attempting to use a pointer argument in a call."

    I have played round with the settings for ages and have tried just about everything.
    Also if i try to send a file from my PC so the VS6 it comes up with an error saying:

    "The device you selected does not have a serial port service running"

    Any help much appreciated...

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    Bluetooth and Panasonic VS6

    Nobody seems to have replied to the last bloke who had the problem with this, so I hope that I fair better.

    I have purchased a dongle for my laptop so that I can share data from my VS6. The 'sending' disply appears on my phone and the laptop says 'do you want to recieve data from ***'. I click yes and the phone says 'failed'. There has been no succesful transfer of data.

    What can I do next? The dongle is a Newlink class 1 adaptor version 2.0 + EDR and the laptop supports Windows XP.

    Please help as none of my friends have the slightest clue!


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