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    my panasonic eb-x300 says sim lock failed everytime i put in my sim card
    IMEI: 35404900088249

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    Re: help panasonic x300

    SIM lock is set by the carrier. The SIM you are using isn't for that carrier. Need to pay to have it unlocked.

    Please remove IMEI from last posting, if "dishonest" people get their hands on that, you coul be asking for trouble.
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    Re: help panasonic x300

    Unlock Your Panasonic EB-X300 Mobile Phone Via IMEI. Your phones IMEI is your unique number that is given to each phone. For each IMEI there is a unique unlock code that once entered into your Panasonic EB-X300 phone will enable you to use any compatible sim card. You can get the IMEI for your phone by entering *#06# into your Panasonic EB-X300 keypad. You will only need 1 unlock code to enable you to use any sim card in your phone and enable it to be "network sim free".

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