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    Troubleshooting a Panasonic cordless telephone takes only a few minutes, which is time spent that could spare you a trip to the repair shop or a telephone retailer. Paying a technician to repair a cordless Panasonic phone will probably cost more than simply buying a replacement.So many times this cordless telephone have power problem .

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    Re: panasonic cordless phone not charging

    I had this problem. I bought new batteries and it still would not charge. I noticed that when the phone was put in either base the charge light would flicker and no beep was heard. I took the phone apart and put some electrical grease where the circuit board contacts the part with the external contacts. I had to remove the main circuit board to do this. It solved the problem.

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    Re: panasonic cordless phone not charging

    Same problem, new battery but after a little while stopped charging no matter how much wiggling, vaseline on contacts etc... Took back off phone, unscrewed then rescrewed screws that held the contacts that go to charger, wiped off board, put back together and darned if it didn't start charging. Only took 2 minutes once I found the little screwdriver.

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