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    I doubt that the specific model is significant to my problem.

    I'm replacing a V-Tech cordless phone system.

    I need one of the remotes to sit on my wife's makeup counter. The counter top is tiled and has a hole ~1-1/2" in diameter for a phone base's power to go through and connect to the electrical outlet below. Panasonic's plug and base are HARDWIRED. The plug is too big to go through the hole. Before I return the product to Costco, there are two potential solutions (I can see): 1) somehow(?) open the base and disconnect the wires (the base had to be in two 1/2's when manufactured to connect the wires, 2) cut the 2 conductor wire, slip through the hole and then splice back using low voltage wire nuts.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: 'Cordless' Panasonic KX-TG585sk DECT 6.0 physical setup problem

    really loved it.

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