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    I'm looking to buying the Pansonic GU87 but I need some feedback. What are the Pros and Cons? Is it reliable? How's the reception?

    Thanks. I appreciate it!

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    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Hi Pperez!

    I have the GD87 and are VERY happy with it. Didn't find any Cons yet, ...well ok the only Cons for me personall are:
    -Lousy game (I just got 1 game, herding sheep)
    - No java applications, so you can't download a game neither (this will be possible in the near future though - not the java, but the possibilty to get games)
    - Size of pictures to small to print: 134 * 176 (size of display)

    And here SOME of the PRO's (there are too much to write down!!)
    - Camera with nightmode and sharp pictures
    - One of the best color display that you can get these days
    - Handsfree
    - MMS
    - POP3 mail checker
    - Polyphonic ringtones (CAN USE MIDI FILES!!!)
    - Pretty compact

    That so far, you can contact me for more info if you'd like!

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    yea, the gd87 was one of the best phones when it came out, and it's still a very decent phone right now, but the panasonic x70 is what the gd87 is and more. Unless price is an issue (the x70 is definately going to cost more) then get the gd87 (it's only $100 if you get it with a phone plan with att wireless), otherwise, i would wait for the x70

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