Tomi Ahonen is the world's foremost 3G guru has written a rather
provocative article titled "Entering iPhone Era: Marking Time in
Mobile." Just how provocative it is. Here is his premise: Mobile
phones will be chronologically measured based on BI and AI or "before
iPhone" and "after iPhone." Other phones including "Nokia, Motorola,
Samsung, SonyEricsson, LG and the dozens of second and third tier
manufacturers will all see what they are up against... " not only in
terms of external design but especially in the internal software. The
iPhone's Mac OS will be its strongest suit and all the other models in
the market will be measured against the user-friendliness of the
iPhone's operating system. The best smartphones will be described as
"almost as good as the iPhone".

Here are the few other things iPhone will significantly impact
according to Ahonen: (1) Mobile Internet, the iPhone will
revolutionize the 8-year-old mobile internet industry as if it gave
birth to it, putting it as top money maker for mobile phone services
well ahead of SMS; (2) Mobile Advertising will reach fruition based on
the iPhone's big screen; (3) Media will experience mass exodus from
the traditional - FM radio, broadcast TV and even newspapers are all
going to go mobile with significant changes; (4) New Computer age will
be inspired by the iPhone, a growth in the same proportion as the dot-
com bubble in the 1990's; (5) SMS, yes, even the lowly text messaging
will have a BI and AI.

Our Opinion: there is a new breed of tech pundits, and that is the
iPhone pusher. He will play up iPhone's attributes (big screen, multi-
touch interface) and play down or totally ignore its shortcomings
(poor camera and battery life no 3G andGPS). The worst characteristic
of an iPhone pusher is that he will constantly ignore market demands,
e.g. for cheaper cellphones (mobile growth in China and India are the
fastest in the world) and invent markets that do not yet exist and
perhaps never will, e.g. mobile networking. Two things we can agree
about the iPhone. Its big screen will probably create a new niche for
the mobile phone market and, second, the iPhone's touch interface will
bring texting to a whole new level of user experience.


Do you agree or disagree? I am looking for a better new phone then an
iPhone and all I can find is that they are almost like an iPhone in
looking at reviews but not up to iPhone quality. Why would anyone want
second best?

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