Hi I bought an iphone 4s and it has ios 5.1.1 on it. I was able to load the apn settings through the apple configuration utility. However when I couldn't get MMS to work (whilst everything else worked perfectly) Now what I did was take out my straighttalk sim card and put in a t-mobile sim card. I went into the network settings (now available as they were hidden when the straighttalk sim card was in) and changed the settings.

Then I took out the t-mobile sim card and popped the straighttalk one back in. I waited on that screen until at the top it recognized my straighttalk sim card. I went back one page and the network settings were once again hidden. Then I clicked the home button and restarted my phone.

HOWEVER, the mms is still not working!!!!! Is there something I did wrong or does this fix no longer work on the current ios???? Please let me know!!!!!

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