Now that the MacBook and Apple Watch are shipping, it's time (gulp) to start thinking about the iPhone 6s (or iPhone 7 according to some rumors). Just when we think the iPhone can't get any better, Apple seems poised to blow us away. Again.


Jonny Evans at Computerworld thinks that "Apple’s iPhone 7 rumors really are the best yet." Features Included in his compilation are:

Liquid metal case.
Stiffer. More resistance to bending.
Force Touch. Eliminate the Home button?
DSLR-class camera thanks to acquisition of LinX.
Even more powerful 64-bit A9 processor combined with 2 GB RAM.
OLED display.

My own addition to the list is a much richer, more powerful UI that will be born of Apple experimenting with a 12-inch iPad Pro, even if that product never ships.

Regarding the list above, I for one am not enthusiastic about the elimination of the Home button. The reason is that one always has a hardware recourse if one gets into a jam. It's reassuring to know that there is a button that's sure to bail me out and get back to a good place.

However, as always, when Apple engineers think about things like that, if they proceed with Force Touch alone, they'll make sure we have a reliable substitute for the classic Home button. As Mr. Evans reports, eliminating the Home button would provide more room for a larger, cooler looking display. I think the Holy Grail for the iPhone is to have 100 percent of the surface be the display, and that would be breathtaking on the iPhone 6s Plus. (7 Plus?)

The subject of sapphire has come up again, but in my opinion, Apple is done thinking about sapphire for iPhones. It's an expensive and brittle material, excellent for small areas like the Apple Watch that's secure on the wrist, but not so much for things that get dropped, like an iPhone. Corning has made great strides with Gorilla Glass improvements.

In any case, the next iPhone looks like it's not going to be just a yawner update but rather a real ride. You'll want one.

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