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    My girlfriend and I need to raise our credit limit. I heard that you can just order a bank credit card and also get a new loan to pay it on time. Is this correct or are there other ways?

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    Re: I want to apply for a credit card

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    Hi! I've been using Indigo cards for a few years now and I've had no problems with them. Yes, they have quite high commissions, but this is inherent in all such credit cards when you restore your credit history. During all this time, I have not delayed a single payment on the indigo card and therefore I have never had any fines. And just recently, I received a credit card from another bank, on more favorable terms, but I will still continue to use this card, but make small payments.

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    Re: I want to apply for a credit card

    You can order a card with a set limit

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    Re: I want to apply for a credit card

    Over the past few years, I've come across a ton of different loan apps, and there are far too few really good and reliable ones among them. That's why it's hard to find a good loan site or app, but I think I can help you.
    For me, you should start by looking at www mytplloan com.
    Here you can find out how reliable this company is.
    I hope my answer helps you!

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    Re: I want to apply for a credit card

    Getting a new credit card today is super easy, sometimes you can do it online, no need to go to a physical bank department. But if I could give you an advice, I would recommend you dealing with reliable and reputable banks only. For example, here are the contacts of the Bank of America https://bank-of-america.pissedconsum...r-service.html , it is 100% trustworthy and stable. Best of luck!

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