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  • Yes, all phones should be unlocked out of the box.

    90 73.77%
  • Yes, but code should be provided only when asked for.

    23 18.85%
  • No, only those willing to hunt for codes or program their phones should have unlocked phones.

    4 3.28%
  • No, only people that pay to have their phones unlocked should get unlocked phones.

    5 4.10%
  • NO, no one needs an unlocked phone.

    0 0%
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    Re: I am cingular employee

    Quote Originally Posted by lucky777*** View Post
    It is just a simple tool that you enter the IMEI and click "find code". The unlock codes are specific to the IMEI and not the carrier you have service with and all IMEI's are not the same for every phone of th same brand. Generally unlocks codes are not available to your service provider and the request is made by your provider to the manufacturer of the phone.

    I am a Cingular employee also. Actually, we aren't "Cingular" anymore, remember? LOL

    What baffles me is T-Mobile wont give me a code for a Motorola C330 because I did not request it within 90 days of cancelling my account with them. What a crock! And, so I called Motorola, and guess what? They referred me back to T-Mobile. Them I emailed ERP within AT&T, and they couldn't help me either

    My department within our company does not give us COU accts, we can only get ERP accts. If you work for AT&T, you know what I mean by those terms.

    I even paid a 3rd party $ 15 for a subsidy unlock code, only to have them give a a bogus one!

    So, I guess my only option is to buy a new phone at a generous 30% off full retail price(lol)

    What dept within Cing/AT&T do you work for by chance? BRM? BEUC?

    See More: Unlocking Motorola Phones using IMEI #

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    Re: Unlocking Motorola Phones using IMEI #

    I want to have the CPF money that Blkbear has lol. WOW! Anyhow I too am curious about how the phone carriers come up with this number because my brother in law just did the same thing called sprint and they sent him an imei # and poof phone unlocked.

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    Re: Unlocking Motorola Phones using IMEI #

    Interesting info.

    Who at AT&T to contact to get an unlock code? Is this right: "Call AT&T's prepaid international support line at 1-866-265-4425"?

    I got a new phone a few months ago and would like to unlock my old one for travel in Asia and for text messaging.

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    Re: Unlocking Motorola Phones using IMEI #

    You have to be with At&t for a while in order for them to give you an unlock code....

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