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    I have a motorola razr and it basically is ****ting the bed. I accidently went swimming with it but it still works. however, the screen is full of dust, half the numbers 1, 4, and 7 dont light up, and the battery runs out after 2 short phone calls. I want to upgrade but my plan does not end for a while. I was wondering if i could purchase a phone off of ebay. If the phone is unlocked and a cingular phone, could i simply switch my sim card and use that phone? I was thinking I could because I know that me and my dad have switched phones a couple times by just switching sim cards. Is it possible? because cingular wants to charge 170 dollars to upgrade early and somehow they "lost track" of our purchased insurance.

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    Re: upgrade

    If it is a cingular branded phone, and you are a cingular customer, it does not have to be unlocked. All that is needed is for you to put your sim card in it and you should be ready to go.
    One of the advantages of gsm phones is the ability to move the sim card from phone to phone.

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    Re: phone upgrade from RAZR

    I agree for sure.

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