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    i have used cingular for around 2-3 year and have been incredibly satisfied until recently. I guess around the time cingular merged with at&t i started getting insanely horrible service. My phone would tell me i could only use it for emergency calls, and no matter where i went at most i would get one bar, and the sound was choppy and i had a dropped call almost ever time i was on the phone. Text messages that i would send would be sent 1-2 hours after clicked send and currently my phone is completely useless. Has anyone experienced this problem before, and how could it be fixed?

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    Re: No service anywhere

    I have never experienced this problem....and one big problem it sounds like to.

    If it was me, I think I would be going in to your local Cingular/AT&T and find out whats going on. If the give you the run-around, I would seriously be thinking of going to another carrier that does have coverage in your area.

    Because of the poor to non-existant reception in your area, you can get out of your current callling plan contract using that as the reason....and you shouldn't be charged a early termination fee either.
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    Re: No service anywhere

    I must say that Ihave not noticed this problem either. I have used Cingular for several years, and when they merged with or were bought out by ATT, my serrvice level did not change.

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    Re: No service anywhere

    I'm curious as to whether you live in a large city/town, or if you're more in a country-side area. If what was said above was true, about the cellular towers, it may just be that the towers you used to use are no longer available because of the merge. I wouldn't think that in a highly populated area there would be much of a change because of the modicum of cell towers available to use. As said before, I would contact Cingular/AT&T and ask them if other people in your area have called about the same problem, and how they went about rectifying it.

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