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    Last week the New York Times had two articles that mentioned zBoost signal boosters. Did anyone read about it or does anyone have a zBoost? I live in a really rural area and have very, very little service in my house. I've been interested in getting some kind of signal booster but was never sure if they actually work. I'm thinking that NY Times is pretty reliable and they gave good reviews but I would love to hear from someone who actually has a zBoost.

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    Re: New York Time and Signal Boosters

    I use a booster. The brand name on mine is SureCall. It was purchased from an online company named I have recently set foot in a remote area office and was shocked at how well the z-boost wireless booster worked. I intend to get there multi-user dual band. My present one has to be plugged into my phones antenna port. The z-boost was not only wireless, three people were using their phones simultaneosly.
    One caution though. You must also use an external antenna to pick up the wireless carrier. In my case they had installed a 10' long pole antenna. you can also use a short antenna such as is used on cars.
    z-boost is found at
    I once took a glass mount car antenna and mounted it on a window and set a car mount on my desk for the phone. Worked fine.


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