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    As a UX designer, a significant portion of my daily tasks involve searching for materials, opening the Axure and Sketch software, copying and pasting original images, dragging the completed design draft, saving work data, and sharing the final draft with colleagues. The repetitive motion took a toll on my wrists.
    A colleague recommended using additional apps to streamline these tasks. He told me about a free app called iBoysoft MagicMenu Lite Edition that can add more functionality to the Mac's right-click menu, similar to the right-click operation in Windows, and help me get work done faster. I am curious to hear your thoughts on this matter.

    1. I am accustomed to using the right-click menu.
    2. I rely on another app to boost work efficiency. (What is it?)
    3. Neither of the above. (If you have other preferences or solutions, please share them. Tks.)

    See More: How can I make the design work more productive?
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    Re: How can I make the design work more productive?

    To enhance your design work's productivity, organize your workspace, set clear goals, use time blocks effectively, prioritize tasks, take breaks, collaborate efficiently, stay updated on design trends, optimize your workflow, engage in continuous learning, and seek regular feedback for improvement.

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