I must say thank you to all for your input for my home page horror.

BUT the damn thing is like my ex-wife. It won't go away. The more I try the more frustrated I get. Yes just like my ex-wife.
Okay here is the scenario. I downloaded adaware and it changes all and is great except when I shut down it (homepage) comes back. And it was deleting all my attachment files in my email account. I mean every thing. So adaware is off the system. I manage to go through dos and deleted the Ie5 index.dat. I even managed to clear the cache and hidden files through dos.S0 that every time it boots up it erases everything and starts you with a clean cache. No prying eyes just in case. That didn't work.
The next thing was the REGEDIT. Low and behold there is the bloody homepage in the list. Yes I right clicked and modified the home page to be what I wanted. I deleted all cookies and cache files too. shut down restart and **** on a stick the home page is BACK. I said it had more lives than Michael from Friday the 13th.
Now., here's the strange thing. The home page that is showing in the regedit file is the home page that I want(ninemsn). But, connect to the net and sure as **** on toast, the other bastard of a thing comes up.

Idon't want to have to reformat my system. But If I have to then I have to.
You all might like to give yourselfs a pat on the back, I am not by any means an I.T. guy but I'm not completely thick. I have learned more in these last few weeks from everybody. I do appreciate it immensly. Lol I am a Musician?entertainer, that might explain a lot. I do, do a lot of HD recording so I am hands on.

Some one asked on the midi board for me to get A virus utility ( Norton2003). Well, of course I use a program for that. PC-cillan. I think it works fine it picks up what seem to be any corrupt files or web pages, I update this as often as I am on line. It is also set to download the lastest virus protection when I am on line.

There you have fellow Midi boarders.

Thank you all again


THE saga continues.

Lord of the home pages
Fellowship of the homepages
The twin homepages.

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