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In case you are planning on buying a high-end smartphone then you're in luck because two of the best handsets currently available on the mobile market are available on Amazon Wireless at a very low price.

If you plan on buying an HTC One X then you should know that the AT&T version is now available on Amazon Wireless at the price of $79.99 alongside a contract with the carrier. Both white and dark-grey flavors are available for purchase (click for each version on Amazon), but keep in mind that since this is an AT&T variant it will only have 16 GB of built-in internal storage and no microSD slot.

In case that's a deal breaker for you then you should definitely consider buying a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 from Amazon Wireless, where the device is currently priced at $119.99 alongside a contract with Sprint. On the other hand, the offer is only available for the Pebble Blue variant of the phone and same as the One X, it's referring to the version with 16 GB of storage. Nevertheless, the SGS3 does have a microSD car slot so you can work around the low-ish amount of space. Keep in mind that if you're a returning Sprint customer the price-tag will be $149.99 instead.

Whether you're considering buying the One X or the Galaxy S3, head down to Amazon Wireless and benefit from the deal while it lasts. So which one would you rather pick?

Via: Phandroid