Cell Phone Reviews

Asurion cell phone insurance is a rip off....Dont get it.....I have Verizon and was offered Asurion insurance on my cell phone in case my phone broke, or was stolen, etc. Anyway I think the service is a total rip off....Dont get it and I will tell you why.....

1) Cost of Asurion insurance.....$5.00 a month.

2) If you make a claim they make you pay $50.00

3) Once you do a claim and you get a new phone you must send back your old phone (with the battery) within 15 days or they can charge you up to $300.00.

4) The customer service sucks.

Now let me explain this better for you.....lets say your cell phone craps out 14 months into your plan...14 months x $5.00 a month equals...$70.00. Now $70.00 plus the $50.00 fee they charge you equals $120.00. Thats almost as much as a new phone already. But wait.....

Dont forget you gotta send your old broken phone back in with the battery...It does not take a moron to realized that they referbish the old phones and put new cheap plastic housings on the phones and resell em. Probably the batteries too. How much do ya think the old cell phone is worth to the refurbish company....? $15, $25?, $40? While they resell it for probably at least $90 to $175. Which you originally paid $150.00 for.

Oh and dont forget to send in that old phone, if you dont, thats an extra $300.00

And lastly, the customer service sucks.....Oh the reps you talk to are very nice dont get me wrong, but I was disconnected once, put on hold several times....Told the wrong information.....(Guy told me that the $50.00 went towards extra months on your Asurion insurance plan, next person I talked to said that was not true and it was just a service fee)

So all and all you end up paying about $150.00 for your new phone, while they turn around fix the old one and resell your phone as a new or refurbished one (I am only guessing about this but is probably the case).....If your phone does not break for longer....You end up paying even more. Worst case senario you forget to send in your broken phone and could end up paying like $450.00.

The only good things about this service is that you pay no shipping costs, Or did I? and I got a new phone by the next day.

I thought insurance was suppost to help your wallet, not not burn a hole in it. Its an Assurance, that youll be getting scammed with Asurion insurance.