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The LG Optimus One is Koodo Mobile's first Android device that was first launched back in March of last year. Being an affordable handset that most Canadians can want in an Android device, the LG Optimus One is now getting ready to announce a newer version of the Optimus One, a version that will be called; LG Optimus One Skype Edition. The only change that the original LG Optimus One will undergo, is the addition of Skype.

The LG Optimus One Skype Edition will allow you to purchase Skype credits, which will be billed to your wireless account via Koodo. Price of the Skype Edition will be $175 without a contract. We will keep you posted with any updated info on this device.

via: http://www.unwiredview.com/2011/10/1...ile-in-canada/

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