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As some of you might've noticed, the high-end smartphone market now has a tendency of delivering larger screens by the year. More so, both Samsung and LG have worked rigorously on launching their flagship devices boasting flexible screens, and they've finally managed to do so several weeks ago. Now, rumors are hitting the blogosphere, indicating that next year, more curved-screened smartphones will hit the market, including two iPhones. But, assuming that you wish to be among the first smartphone users to own such a device, then the LG G Flex seems to be your only, and best option at this point in time. Unfortunately for Samsung fans, the Galaxy Round is limited to a limited release, only in Korea.

As for the LG G Flex, well, the handset in question has already been launched in Korea, and the company has announced that the device will go on sale in western markets as well. However, no exact launch date, or other availability details have been made official.

Fortunately, rumors have now started to hit the web, claiming that the G Flex will go on sale in the States via three major carriers, including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. This bit of information comes from @evleaks via Twitter. For those of you who might not know this, @evleaks is one of the most accurate sources of inside information and leaks surrounding the mobile market.

Sadly, we haven't heard a thing about the handset's launch on Verizon's shelves, so chances are that Big Red will not be interested in delivering the device to its customers. But, only time will tell whether or not that will be the case.

Is anyone excited about the idea that the G Flex will eventually hit the market in the States? Would any of you be interested in buying the G Flex as opposed to getting the LG G2?

Source: @evleaks
Via: Phone Arena
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  1. MaceyJ's Avatar
    MaceyJ -
    A much better phone then the galaxy round in my opinion.

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  1. Quinton's Avatar
    Quinton -
    Coming to Sprint....hmmmm, I will check it out. Probably just going to get a Nexus 5 though.
  1. CommsXchange's Avatar
    CommsXchange -
    A great concept phone but not worth the price tag... Let's see what happens in a year when the technology has had time to flourish.
  1. AllahDitta's Avatar
    AllahDitta -
    i 've used the curved cell phone, really the great experiance. It is very convenient to talk on curved mobile for long hour.
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  1. largokill's Avatar
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