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Last year Motorola has confirmed that a handful of smartphones from its line-up will receive Android 4.1 in the future. Some of these gadgets confirmed for a Jelly Bean update were the Atrix HD, the Motorola Droid Bionic, Photon Q as well as the Motorola DROID 4.

While the Atrix HD has joined the Android 4.1 family, the other three devices are still waiting for their turn, but one of the three might soon benefit from the long-awaited Jelly Bean release.

Apparently, certain Motorola Feedback Network members that happen to own the Droid 4 have recently received an invite to a soak-test, and although it hasn't been specified whether or not they're going to test the Android 4.1 iteration, chances are that the next update will be Jelly Bean.

Nevertheless, nothing is being set in stone, but if the soak-test goes according to plan then the actual update should go live in about a week or two, judging by how previous soak-tests have developed.

Are you excited about getting Android 4.1 on your Motorola Droid 4?

Source: Motorola Support
Via: Droid Life