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After many months of silence, Motorola has recently unveiled the Moto X has, as well as the Droid Ultra line-up which will be exclusively released through Verizon, at least in the US. These devices represent the company's latest and greatest smartphone line-up, but they have also gave birth to a lot of controversy (specifically the Moto X).

In any case, getting back to the main topic, it appears that Motorola might team up with Google in order to deliver a Motorola Nexus device. Well, "teaming up" sounds a bit odd considering the fact that Motorola is owned by Google nowadays, but you get the idea.

Keep in mind that this is nothing set in stone, and nothing official. This is a rumor, so treat it accordingly. Nevertheless, you should also keep in mind that the source of this rumor has been pretty accurate regarding the Moto X during these past several months, so that being said, there might be a grain of truth in these sayings.

The source also claims that the Motorola Nexus device (or whatever it will be called) is not going to be based on the Moto X. Evidently, we're not sure what this really means. Will Motorola and Google create a new "Google Play Edition" device based off of a new smartphone? Or will the next Nexus smartphone will actually be built by Motorola, and not by LG, how the previous rumors have suggested.

Regardless, if these rumors are correct then we might get some sort of Nexus Motorola combo phone in the fourth quarter of the year. As to what the handset will actually offer, at this point your guess is as good as mine. So, be my guest and feel free to take a guess, and share your thoughts below.

Source: +Taylor Wimberly (Google+)
Via: Droid Life