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The Motorola Moto X has just been released by a handful of carriers, but despite the handset being so fresh, there is already a lot of talking about price cuts.

To be more precise, famous leaker "@evleaks" has recently revealed that the on-contract price of the Moto X in the US will drop by 50% in the fourth quarter of the year. More specifically, AT&T and Verizon will allegedly sell the handset at the price of $100 (on-contract).

This isn't the first time we've heard about the possibility that the Moto X could get a massive drop in price. Roughly one month ago (as previously reported by Phone Arena), Leo Laporte has stated that, in the US, carriers are paying only $350 per Moto X unit. This statement has led to speculations that mobile operators will drop the price of the Moto X sooner rather than later, assuming that the sells figures within the first few weeks aren't that great. We're not sure about the current sales figures, but the point is that, if carriers in the States are indeed paying only $350 per Moto X unit, then this gives them the option to offer the handset at great discounts and still make a hefty profit.

Of course, this isn't something that is set in stone. There's no way to be sure about these speculations at this point, but nonetheless, it's something to consider. Would you be willing to wait a few more weeks and see what happens, before buying the Moto X? I suppose that if you're a Verizon customer and you're already waiting for the Moto Maker website to become available, then that's double win. You may benefit from a discount as well.

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Source: @evleaks
Via: Droid Life