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If you've followed our news section for a while now, then you might already be aware of the fact that last month, I've discussed a bit about the fascinating "PhoneBlocks" concept. Interestingly enough, Motorola has now announced the "Ara" project, which once again aims at delivering a similar open and modular smartphone experience.

Motorola has allegedly worked on this idea for roughly a year now. Initially called the "MAKEwithMOTO" project, the recently unveiled concept renamed "Ara" would allow us to fully customize our smartphones. As a matter of fact, Motorola has partnered up with the guys behind PhoneBlocks, who have made their modular smartphone concept public last month.

The general idea is that Motorola (and PhoneBlocks) intends on launching a smartphone that can be completely customizable, right down to the type of CPU that you wish to use. The basic concept includes a main endoskeleton that acts as a building block for the rest of the modules. Think of it as a PC motherboard. As for the other modules, these include camera units, battery packs, and even displays in various sizes, as well as physical keyboards.

What makes this concept really interesting is that it's open, meaning that developers all around the world can get on board and develop their own modules. Back when PhoneBlocks has been announced, we've also learned that these modules might be retailed through a dedicated website that would resemble an app store. Whether or not Motorola intends on adopting this method remains to be seen.

Motorola expects to launch a Module Developer's Kit sometime this winter, and the company is also supposed to send out invites for an event that will take place in the following months, where developers will have the opportunity to join the project and start making modules.

This whole deal reminds me of the tons of rumors that have surfaced before the launch of the Moto X. As you may recall, these rumors were suggesting that users will have the option of fully customizing their Moto X smartphones, right down to the amount of RAM that they wish to have. Evidently, this did not become a reality, and the customization options offered by the X are purely aesthetic. However, it appears that Motorola was definitely cooking something of the sorts, and Ara sure sounds like the missing piece of the puzzle.

So what are your thoughts on this concept? Do you think that modular smartphones are the way of the future? Can Motorola do to smartphone hardware what Android did to software? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Motorola
Via: Android Central