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The workers from Samsung created a monster smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy Note, but they also marketed it with an older version of Android. The good news is that updates are coming out as you read this. The updates are not "officially" announced just yet, but that has not prevented some from Europe from getting it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note became a huge hit recently with its five inch screen winning the hearts of smartphone users. Two million of the handsets were shipped in South Korea alone. Five million of the units were sold in five months worldwide. The version of Android it came with was 2.3, also called "Gingerbread" by the Google company. Some Europeans have been able to use the Samsung KIES desktop software to get their updates early. Some people are getting it "over the air". The download size of the update is nearly 319 megabytes and includes some special software made just for the Note. The Note came with a stylus ( pen ) to navigate with. The update includes new apps to use that stylus.

For those in the United States, the Samsung Galaxy Note is not yet seeing any upgrading. AT&T has the Note for sale. Though they have promotional models with Ice Cream Sandwich on them, the carrier is still not putting out any over the air updates. This is strange, because AT&T was showing the smartphone at CTIA in New Orleans with Android version 4.0 on them. Germany is reporting the Ice Cream Sandwich update is available in their country. The download size is the same for them as for other countries and is in both flavors; "over the air" and the Samsung KIES software.

The update to version 4.0 will bring some nice changes for those who are Android lovers. The user interface is improved to be able to see message and updates quickly. The manual buttons are no longer needed with version 4.0, but this smartphone will of course be keeping them. The graphics have been updated to provide smoother movements across the screen. The new font called "Roboto" will be noticeable as well. It is supposedly easier to read emails and text with the new font. For those who are concerned about their data usage, the new Ice Cream Version will be able to keep track of that as well. The "Live Effects" feature is useful for making interesting background shots with the included backgrounds. This version also has face recognition software that unlocks the Note just by showing a face to the camera. The biggest desire for mobile software is more speed and the new version is naturally much faster than Gingerbread.

The AT&T may take a few months for but for those who are patient, it will be worth the wait. Look for the AT&T update to the Note before the fourth quarter.