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The Samsung Galaxy S3 needs no introduction, as every smartphone enthusiasts out there is bound to know more or less about what the handset can do spec-wise. However, in terms of release date we're still shooting in the dark, at least when it comes to the US launch date.

What we know so far is that Samsung's newest flagship smartphone is set to hit the European market on May 30, (or May 29 for those who pre-ordered it), whereas the US variant should make its way on the shelves sometimes in June. Other information regarding the US launch including whether or not Verizon will have a limited exclusivity over the handset or if the US variant will sport 2 GB of RAM similar to the NTT Docomo Japanese version is yet unknown.

But getting back to the launch of the device, until now there was no information regarding an exact date on which the Galaxy S3 might be available for purchase outside of Europe. However, the latest rumor comes in the form of a screenshot indicating that the next-gen Galaxy handset might be launched in Canada starting June 20th via four major carriers including Rogers, Bell, Telus and Virgin Mobile.

Of course this is nothing official and even if Samsung alongside the Canadian carriers are planning a June 20th launch, we're still roughly three weeks away from the purported release date and unless they make an official announcement, things are subject to change.

Nevertheless, at least now we have a date to look forward to and more information regarding a US launch date is bound to surface sooner rather than later.

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