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As most gadget enthusiasts out there should already be aware of, one the most sought-after technologies in a smartphone's camera nowadays is OIS (or Optical Image Stabilization). This type of tech prevents the final images to be blurry, and it's slowly becoming the norm for every respectable flagship device.

Unfortunately, as some of you already know, Samsung isn't really doing that great in this department, and its latest flagship – the Galaxy Note 3- features a non-OIS camera. Allegedly, the lack of OIS on the device is due to Samsung's suppliers and their inability to produce enough units. Remember, Samsung is a very successful company and it currently holds the largest share on the mobile market. In fact, recent reports have indicated that the Korean giant has managed to sell 5 million Note 3 units in only one month.

In other words, while OIS is nothing new to Samsung, suppliers simply can't keep up with the high demand, and for that reason, the Korean manufacturer has allegedly decided to scratch OIS from the Note 3 altogether.

What does this have to do with the Samsung Galaxy S5? Well, according to the Korean media, the handset in question might end up in the same boat as the Note 3 – meaning that, the device could lack an OIS-enabled camera due to high demand and the supplier's inability to meet this demand. There's also the possibility that the handset might arrive with OIS, but it could be pushed back.

There is, however, a third possibility, which makes things quite interesting. Once again, I'll bring up the Note 3, mainly because the events surrounding this device give us interesting hints in regards to Samsung's future plans. On short, previous rumors have suggested that Samsung was initially planning on fitting this year's phablet with a fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, that didn't become a reality either, simply because the fingerprint chip that has been developed by a 3rd party supplier has failed to pass the Q&A tests. For this reason, Samsung is now supposedly working on building its own, in-house fingerprint scanner.

As such, fresh rumors now suggest that the Korean giant might plan on building its OIS-enabled camera in-house as well. Once again, the big issue is not developing the module itself. The issue is meeting the expected high demand of the next flagship smartphone. Hopefully though, Samsung will manage to pull this off, and perhaps the company will continue to start producing its own parts in-house, in order to avoid these kinds of shortage from suppliers.

Whether or not the Galaxy S5 will feature an OIS camera remains to be seen.

Source: ETNews
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