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Some of you might not know this, but a few days ago Samsung held an "Analyst Day" conference in Seoul, where nearly 350 analysts have been invited to take part and discuss about the company's future plans. During this event, it's been revealed that Samsung is currently working on a new type of camera for its future smartphones. As we've seen throughout the year, the majority of smartphone manufacturers have started to put a strong emphasis on their gadget's cameras, and Samsung is no stranger to the "cameraphone" concept either. Today, smartphone enthusiasts are more and more interested in a handset's camera capabilities, nearly as much as they're interested in other internal components.

In any case, during the Analyst Day event, Samsung has discussed at large about its latest achievements in the camera department, and has announced a 16 MP sensor boasting "ISOCELL" technology. According to the Korean manufacturer, ISOCELL is a next generation pixel technology that greatly improves the light absorption of each pixel. ISOCELL replaces BSI (Back Side Illumination), and manages to decrease the pixel crosstalk by approximately 30%, by forming a physical barrier between pixels, isolating each one. This allows the pixel's photodiode to absorb more photons, minimizing electrical crosstalk and allowing expanded full well capacity (or FWC).

In translation ISOCELL enables a camera module to capture more realistic colors, and enables it to handle low-light shots with more ease.

During the event, Samsung has revealed that this new ISOCELL technology will be found on the majority of its future smartphones, and as such, there's a high possibility that the 16 MP module showcased in the slideshow will be present on the Galaxy S5. The only thing that troubles me is the fact that there was no mention of OIS (optical image stabilization), and this technology is now becoming a standard for every respectable high-end smartphone camera. OIS is missing from the Galaxy S4 and the Note 3 as well, and that's something that doesn't sit well with Samsung enthusiasts. If Sammy is going to miss the opportunity to fit OIS on the Galaxy S5's camera, then ISOCELL might not be enough to make a huge impact. We'll have to wait and see how the story develops.

Source: Teletogether (Samsung Analyst Day 2013) / Samsung Tomorrow
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    edwinjarvis -
    i think a cell phone genius is going to bring one more big surprise....
    Great Samsung..........

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    Anna081 -
    I think a cell phone genius is going to bring one more big surprise....
    Great Samsung..........
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