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Sony has does not seem to be negatively affected by their earthquake and is putting out plenty of good looking smartphones. The Sony Xperia SX SO-05D is one of them. This is going to be a colorful smartphone and one for the power smartphone user. The screen is clear, the processor is powerful, and the connectivity is awesome.

The business at Sony dropped the Ericsson name and seem to be going full speed ahead on smartphones. The Sony Xperia SX SO-05D is a good looking slab phone. The display is just a notch larger than an iPhone 4S, and has very good resolution. For those who like to see the numbers, that is 3.7 inches of digital real estate. The pixel count is 540 by 960, making the PPI around 298. The Timescape user interface is how the owner will be interacting with the smartphone. There is no manual keyboard. The display is not created with AMOLED, but with the old backlit LCD technology.

Nevertheless, the hardware on the inside of the Sony Xperia SX is impressive. The Snapdragon processor is cooking along at 1.5 gigahertz. With that speed is one gigabyte of RAM and eight gigabytes of internal memory. If the memory runs out on the user, it can be augmented by a flash card up to 32 gigabytes in size. It is not included with the handset. An Adreno 225 GPU ( Graphical Processing Unit ) is going to deal with the video, since the camera is able to take high definition video.

Speaking of the camera, it is a typical eight megapixel photo Snapper, but is endowed with plenty of features. From touch focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization, sweep panorama and LED flash, it is a top performer. The camera takes video at 30 frames per second, which is top of the line for a smartphone. Sony gave the Sony Xperia SX SO-05D a front camera as well which takes video in the high definition 720p format.

Running this Sony smartphone is Google Android. It is in the newest "Ice Cream Sandwich" ( 4.0 ) version. This version has a faster browser and no longer needs physical buttons for control. Ice Cream Sandwich can handle NFC contactless payments, but this smartphone seems to lack the RFID chip on the inside to make it work. Otherwise, the Android software is a malware magnet, and the user should be keen on security issues with this handset. The browser handles Adobe flash files for a rich internet surfing experience.

There are so many wireless connections available for the Sony Xperia SX that it seems like a veritable data smorgasbord. There is Wi-Fi in all the modes, Wi-Fi Direct for connecting to nearby supported mobiles, DLNA for sending a multimedia signal to nearby monitors, and to top it off, the Sony handset can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. The only thing that may be complained about is that the Bluetooth radio is in an older version, 3.1.

Those who are not content with a boring black exterior will like the Sony Xperia SX. It comes in pink, white, orange and black. The battery is not large. It is 1500 mAh. Compared to Motorola smartphones, that is puny. The smartphone is going to sell for an unspecified price and will be on the market in the third quarter of this year. There is no word on if or when it may come to the Western world.
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  1. Sajjad Rahman's Avatar
    Sajjad Rahman -
    Is this the Hayabusa one? Or this is another one?

    See More: Article: Another Sony Xperia model, the SX SO-05D, heads to Japan
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    Sajjad Rahman -
    Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, makes the device worth purchasing !!
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