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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at T-Mobile has just received its Android 4.1.2 update and yes, although this might be a bit confusing due to the fact that Multi-Window has been around on T-Mobile's Note 2 since December (Multi-Window being associated with 4.1.2), at that time the feature in question has been made available on Android 4.1.1 in a separate update that didn't changed the OS' version.

So, getting back to the matter at hand, the Note 2 at T-Mobile is now reportedly receiving the newer version of Jelly Bean, and one of the most interesting things about this release is the fact that it enables the LTE capabilities on the device.

Indeed, the aforementioned carrier has recently announced that its LTE networks in Las Vegas and Kansas City were complete, and Magenta also said that its latest network will be ready for consumers by the end of this month.

All that being said, apparently the Note 2 has just become the carrier's first LTE-enabled smartphone, thanks to that Android 4.1.2 update I've mentioned earlier, so if you do own the phablet and you're a T-Mobile customer then make sure you download and apply the new software as soon as possible. Keep in mind however, that the update is being deployed gradually (or in phases) which means that you might not receive it right away. Just be patient and check for updates regularly by accessing the "Software updates" section in your handset's settings menu.

As to what you can expect once your Note 2 will run on Android 4.1.2, besides LTE connectivity the changelog also includes other details about various bugfixes and improvements or additions. As such, you'll notice a new ink effect on the lockscreen, a much smoother browser experience, the presence of Continuous input in the Samsung keyboard (a feature similar to Swype), new notification toggles have been added, the notification panel can now be customized, the Group Cast application has been included and the status bar's color has been changed from grey to black. Last but not least, the brightness slider in the notification panel will now offer you the option of disabling it.

All in all, a pretty interesting update and Note 2 owners at T-Mobile should definitely check it out. Feel free to leave a comment below if you've received the new OS and let us know how those data speeds are going.

Source: T-Mobile Support
Via: Android Central / Android Authority
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  1. torrado's Avatar
    torrado -
    Samsung will update the Galaxy S II and Note to Android 4.2.2 but this will be the last update for these devices. This means the Galaxy S II and Note received an update from 2.3.6 to 4.0.4 to 4.1.2 and will stop at Android version 4.2.2. Google is the only OEM which gives so many updates to its devices but Samsung is doing the same now.

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