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Back when the HTC One got unveiled and released in the US through multiple carriers, Verizon has remained quiet and hasn't shown any interest in the device. In fact, HTC denied the arrival of the One on Big Red's network, but some of the most famous inside sources out there (such as @LlabTooFeR) knew better, and revealed that the handset will actually become available on Verizon's network, but at a later date in the year.

Well, here we are ladies and gents. Not long ago the mobile operator in question has announced via Twitter that the One will indeed arrive in its stores. Unfortunately, no exact release date has been given at that time. Nonetheless, a few more days / weeks have passed and we've learned that the One was intended to go on sale on August 1. That didn't happen, and the handset was rumored to have been pushed back to an August 15 release (that's today). Sadly, the One is still nowhere to be found in Verizon's stores, so we're once again dealing with a delay.

But on the bright side of things, the carrier has recently fired up its registration page for the HTC One, inviting prospective customers to sign up so that they can be kept up to date as to when exactly the One will arrive. Once again, an exact launch date has not been given.

At this point there are two theories circulating around the web. One indicates that the handset will arrive on August 23, and the other on August 29. Whichever the case, we're hoping that we'll not have to deal with any more pushbacks and that the device will actually go on sale by the end of this month.

As for the handset itself, as expected, Verizon has slapped its brand and the "4G LTE" logo on the back panel of the device, but fortunately, the front panel remained unaltered. Spec-wise, Big Red's One will offer the same great hardware and software as before, including a 4.7 inch full HD 1080 x 1920 display, a Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz, an Adreno 320 GPU, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, Beats Audio, an UltraPixel main camera complemented by a 2.1 MP front-facing shooter, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with the Sense 5 UI on top and a 2,300 mAh battery.

Is anyone eager to purchase the HTC One from Verizon?

Source: Verizon Wireless
Via: Droid Life

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