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    i have the galaxy a21 and i have it in developer mode. i play the game from mobilityware called freecell and pyramid i had some of the settings in developer mode turned on that would take the adds away when i started freecell and pyramid. they would popup and then go away

    then the other day i had to take out the sim and put in the old sim to get a text from tracfone so i could get my new tracfone working and it made me turn of the developer mode. so when i put the metro sim back into the phone i went and turned developer mode back on but now i get those popup adds and now i have to x them away, so something turned off when i had to turn off developer mode and then turn it back on.

    so does anyone happen to know what needs to turned on to get those popup adds to self destruct? it also did that for most adds for other apps i have on the phone it would turn off the adds automatically.


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    Re: games for cell phones question

    This is a good mobile phone for gaming.

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    Re: games for cell phones question

    Sto anche cercando il miglior telefono cellulare per i giochi. Amo giocare con il mio cellulare. Ora mi piace anche giocare ai giochi da casinò per guadagnare denaro. Voglio anche provare il casinò offline e cercare Che tipi di vestiti sono accettati per andare al casinò? perché voglio vestirmi bene e guadagnare bene. Amo seguire le regole e i regolamenti di qualsiasi luogo.

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    Re: games for cell phones question

    Text automatically translated from: Spanish to: Portuguese
    I dom't like installing games on my phone because they take up space on the phone and are not useful

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    Re: games for cell phones question

    sometimes i play timekillers on my smartphone but games at phones are boring

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