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    According to research firm The Nielsen Company, Google's Android handsets accounted for 27 percent of all smartphones sold in the United States in the first quarter of this year, while iPhones made up 23 percent. With no doubt, Android-based handsets is going to beat Apple's iPhone to dominate world's cellphone market. I wish I had an Android Phone to enjoy all the great apps available for it.

    UC Browser, a leading mobile browser, with 100+ million users globally, today released its official android international version for 7.2 to announce its presence to the android fans.

    With this version, the users could experience fancy mobile browsing on their android phones on the basis of the following features from English, Russian & Vietnamese:

    * Developed user experience with faster speed.
    * Intelligent websites address input mechanism added based on local website address grammar.
    * Share websites with friends by SMS.

    * WEB UA & WAP UA can be selected to help you access to your preferred website format.

    * Capture and upload function to bring you more fun in SNS.
    * Fixed the problem that some JAVA phones cannot get access to internet with WAP APN.
    * Fixed the problem that blank screen happens to some websites.

    You can download it by click here, or visit wap.ucweb.com through you handset.

    See More: UC Browser Released Android Version for International Users

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    Re: UC Browser Released Android Version for International Users

    Yes UC browser has great features and I have already used the latest android version.

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