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Now that smartphones are more like powerful little computers, the batteries in them are really taking a beating. The Meizu MX is no different. The processor in this good looking smartphone is capable of some impressive speed. The problem is the battery in the Meizu is not large. The 1600 mAh battery is called "beefy" by some people, but for those who know about large smartphone displays, they would call it "middle of the road". The Meizu MX has a display larger than an iPhone 4S. But there are some things a smart smartphone user can do to lengthen the time between charges.

One of the first things that a user can do is not a popular choice. Simply use the Meizu MX a little less than usual. This is a fail-proof way of getting longer battery life out of the handset. If that is not a viable solution, there are other things that are easy to do in the menus of the handset. One is to turn down the luminosity of the display. Going into the menus of the smartphone is one way to turn down the amount of light the display uses. Some people recommend getting a black background for the home page of the handset. There are also power control apps that are available in the Google Play Android market. One such app is called "Advanced Task Killer". Be careful to do a review of any app you download into your Meizu MX. Avoiding malware is a tough job with the Google mobile operating system since the Android market is only policed by the downloaders, not by Google themselves.

Another way to save battery life and to increase security at the same time is to turn off the Wi-Fi and bluetooth radios. If they are off, they can not "roam", looking for a connection to link with. The constant looking for a signal from a Wi-Fi router will no doubt eat more battery power. While you are disabling the Wi-Fi, it would be a good idea to cut down on the amount of times the email service checks for updates. Email, Facebook, Twitter apps and the like use the processor which in turn uses battery power. The objective is to turn down all those things that are running in the background. You may not be aware of all of them, so getting to know your Meizu MX better is not only going to help you save battery life, but help you to understand smartphones in general.

One of the last things a Meizu MX owner can do to save on battery life is to check out their ringtones. Believe it or not, some ringtones will use up more battery life than others. If your ringtones are loud and long, they can be interchanged for those that are soft and short. If your ringtone is Tchaikovsky's Seventh Symphony, you know who you are. Exchange that for a nice little "beep" if you want to help save on battery juice. Turning off any vibrating alerts is another quick way to save battery life for the Meizu smartphone.

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