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    Studying to be a phlebotomist. Practice will begin soon. And I'm terrified of taking blood from real people. Usually we would show it on manikins or just go through a lecture. Any tips? Tell me more about venipuncture and its methods.

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    Re: Methods of venipuncture

    Don't be afraid to draw blood. Since you have already dared to go into this profession https://phlebotomynearyou.com/demand-for-phlebotomists/ have courage. If you have been able to take blood from manikins in practice. You can do it here, too. About the venipuncture. Here comes the exciting part. Namely the moment when it is your turn to show what you have at your disposal. You perform a certain number of successfully drawn blood samples. Usually about 100. In 99% of cases the blood sampling is performed on a mannequin arm. By the time you graduate supervisors will have prepared you. So that you are ready to work on your own without supervision.

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    Re: Methods of venipuncture

    In a profession like this, you can't be afraid of hurting someone. Or be afraid of blood. Then how will you go on working if you already have such worries. Have you thought about that?

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