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    Here is a list of the carriers in the US that use CDMA technology:
    • Alaska Communications
    • Alltel
    • Appalachian Wireless
    • BeyondMobile (uses Sprint towers)
    • Blue (also uses GSM)
    • Bluegrass Cellular
    • Blue Wireless
    • Boost Mobile (uses Sprint towers)
    • Carolina West Wireless
    • Cellcom
    • Cellular One of Northeast PA (purchased by Verizon)
    • Cellular One Bermuda
    • C Spire Wireless
    • Clear Talk
    • Commnet Wireless (also uses GSM)
    • CREDO Moble (uses Sprint towers)
    • Cricket Communications (including Jump Mobile Prepaid)
    • Eclipse Mobile
    • Element MobileGCI Wireless (also uses GSM)
    • Golden State Cellular
    • GreatCall (uses Verizon towers)
    • i-wireless (uses Sprint towers)
    • KDDI Mobile (uses Sprint towers)
    • Liberty Wireless (uses Sprint towers)
    • Locus Mobile (uses Verizon towers & GSM AT&T towers)
    • MetroPCS
    • Mobi PCS
    • Movida Wireless (uses Sprint towers)
    • Nex-Tech Wireless
    • nTelos
    • Page Plus Cellular (uses Verizon towers)
    • Panhandle Telecommunication Systems
    • Pioneer Cellular
    • PlatinumTel Prepaid Wireless (uses Sprint towers)
    • Pocket Communications
    • Republic Wireless (uses Sprint towers)
    • Revol Wireless
    • ReadyMobile (uses Sprint towers)
    • Shaka Mobile (uses Verizon & Sprint towers)
    • Sprint Nextel
    • Standing Rock Telecom
    • STI Mobile (uses Sprint towers)
    • Syringa Wireless
    • Thumb Cellular
    • Ting (uses Sprint towers)
    • TracFone Wireless - includes NET10, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk (also uses GSM & towers from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular & T-Mobile)
    • Trumpet Mobile (uses Sprint towers)
    • U.S. Cellular - TalkTracker Prepaid
    • Verizon Wireless - INPulse Prepaid
    • Virgin Mobile USA
    • Zing PCS

    See More: List of US CDMA Carriers
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    Re: List of US CDMA Carriers

    I really like your post. It was very intresting. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: List of US CDMA Carriers

    wow, this list is old. Alaska Communications Wireless got bought by GCI and GCI is not taking any new CDMA customers/phones, even if the customer currently has a CDMA phone programmed through them, unless they are not telling the whole story.

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