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    My Folder & File Locker

    My Folder & File Locker is a best privacy protection photo gallery app to easily hide & encrypt your photos, videos, picturesimage & any other files that you do not want others to see on your device.

    Safe my photos pic lock app for picture for Android is an album locker file hide expert to protect your phone from annoying snoopers and prying eyes.

    With My Folder & File Locker app your app hider picture file protection is well protected


• Secret app folder locked Photo files are encrypted (Remove Folders File Hide Expert)

    • Pic lock app support hiding icon, no one knows the existence of video lock app except you

    • Break-in Alerts: photo editor app takes selfie of the person who tried to break-in (safe gallery Vodlocker)
    • Recycle Bin contains all deleted photo folder files, you can restore folder vault Picturesimage private files before 60 days (hide my folder to protect photo)

    • Fake PIN to show fake content of lock file in locked folder, best gallery download to protect picture Secure Folder
    • Disguise (Change safe folder App Icon) - Change to your desired icon for Hide folders App from the given list of album locker icons
    • Random PIN Keyboard changes the Remove folders keyboard every time you open the Picturesimage File hide App
    • Fake Crash - Crashes the panic switch Vault for pictures App for fake to prevent others using the Gallery photo lock video hider App
    • Backup & Restore photo editor App, backup all the photo folder vault locked files and restore picture when needed
    • My photos safe gallery has Watchdog which automatically move & lock your WhatsApp upcoming media downloads to video lock app hider
    • Panic switch hide the hide photos private folder app in hurry by shake, flip/face down using motion gestures to avoid interfering eyes. Providing high security for photo folder + Hide files users.

    More features:
    • Picture folder Hide photos (vault for pictures), photo gallery hide videos (foto hot)
    • No storage limitation for Vodlocker Private files Valuta App to hide photos or hide pictures or hide video & private files (Album locker)

    • Hide files Supports 8 Multi languages and many more languages are yet to be added in file protection Secret app folder
• Valuta App Password recovery (email & security questions to protect hide folders video lock app)

    • File hide app can Bulk lock photos/unlock (Photo editor + pic lock app)
    • Foto hot App has picture editor to edit the locked files without unlocking it
• Change folder thumbnail of Gallery photo lock locked folder
• Quick lock file from gallery (Share to Secure safe folder to hide my folder without opening Video hider app)

    • Slideshow locked files preview for safe Video lock App
• Move files between Vodlocker Folder vault
 for pictures App
    • Share private folder & photo folder locked files from foto hot Remove folders App directly
• App hider can Lock individual my photos Folders (Double security lock for Secret app folder to protect your picture editor)

    • Hide Album locker App icon (Best way to keep My Folder & File Locker App hidden)

    • Photo lock App supports Dark Theme (Best for Night usage of File protection picture folder App)

    • Find Lost files (private files) - helps to get back your missing lock files & Hide files
    • Recreate Thumbnail helps to re-create locked folder missing Secret app folder thumbnails

    Secure hide folders (photo gallery & Valuta) gallery download video lock app file hide app allows to hide its safe folder app icon & keep your hide folders privacy absolutely safe with picture editor locker. Photo lock App hide your personal images & videos in this secure folder vault & nobody will know the existence of the Private folder + gallery photo lock app

. You can easily manage secure gallery download folders or albums of gallery to view, move & export pictures. User can select single or multiple files (select all) for hiding. Hidden files of picture folder can be shared to email, WhatsApp, snapchat, Facebook, share it, xender, or to any app from photo lock app private files video hider App without unlocking it.

    My Folder & File Locker (Photo editor & Secure Folder) is a file hide expert to protect photo editor from others using panic switch
. Hide my folder is a Must-Have photo editor to Hide files App for protecting your privacy as a File hide expert to hide media files using password.

    See More: Best Folder & File Locker App to protect your privacy

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    Re: Best Folder & File Locker App to protect your privacy

    I am using this OGWhatsApp Apk to make official one use even more better because it has lot of features and functions which allow you to do so.

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    Re: Best Folder & File Locker App to protect your privacy

    Quote Originally Posted by Shownne View Post
    I am using this OGWhatsApp Apk to make official one use even more better because it has lot of features and functions which allow you to do so.
    You are using it is alright but did you know that it is an modified version of WhatsApp?

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