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    Re: Cost to develop an Android application

    That's not really surprising, and I believe that there will be even more software developers on the market. Well, it's possible to learn everything, it's remote work, and using video for asynchronous communication, it's not that hard to keep in touch. So I'm pretty sure that there will be an оvеrflow of these spеciаlists one day.

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    Re: Cost to develop an Android application

    As a developer, I'm frequently questioned about development costs and how they're determined! I responded incoherently at first, claiming that everything is different, but then I considered both questions and chose to respond. Every thing is in its place. I estimated the average cost of each stage of development for all components of a mobile application. In short, a hybrid mobile app costs around $12,000, whereas two native apps, one for Android and the other for iOS, cost around $15,000. If you're having financial difficulties, go to https://wealthofgeeks.com/free-google-play-credit/ to get some help. For some, this is a significant sum of money; for others, it is not; but, in general, it is inexpensive, despite the fact that it is so expensive!

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