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    I'm sure there's a lot of you that have your contacts already synced with MS Outlook 2007 and need to get them to your new Nexus. Here's an easy way to do it:

    Step 1
    • Open Outlook and click on your contacts
    • Go to File > Import and Export > Select Export to a file - Next
    • Select Comma Separated Values (Windows) - Next
    • Select Contacts - Next
    • Save the file in a known location - Next
    • Click on 'Map Custom Fields' and make sure Default Maps are set
    • Click Finish

    Step 2
    • Log Into your Gmail account
    • Click Contacts in the left menu
    • Click Import in the top right
    • Choose file and select the .csv file you just saved (add them to a group if you want)
    • Click Import
    • Your contacts will be imported into your Gmail account

    Step 3
    • On your Nexus make sure you have connected your Gmail account
    • Go to contacts > Menu > Accounts
    • Select your Gmail account > Menu > Sync Now
    • Your new contacts will be imported - Any duplicates should be merged.


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    Re: Export Contacts from Outlook and Import to Nexus One

    Here's a set of steps that is easier, faster, and does Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes:

    1. On Nexus One, go to the Market, search for "USB" and download CL USB Sync.
    Run it.

    2. On your PC, go to and download CompanionLink USB.
    Run it
    Configure for Outlook, Palm Desktop or whatever else you are using.

    3. Connect the USB Cable that comes with your phone.

    4. When sync is complete, disconnect the cable.

    This is free for one-time use.

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