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    HTC 10: HTC's new flagship phone

    HTC 10: HTC's new flagship phone-2mem-fxrcizu4109391.jpg
    HTC 10 using LightScribe flow forming one side of the metal body, it combines the best design features of HTC and kneading them together to form this extremely compelling product ID.

    FOR create a personalized full metal body. HTC 10 contour line processing section, sharp cutting edges hard-edged, break the monotony of mellow feel, to bring more tight grip. We find it is similar with M7 Designs , HTC 10 but gives a sense of luxury, especially more prominent on both gold and silver colors. In a growing number of metal mobile phone , HTC 10 was too wide chamfer themselves. Further ,the back projection camera design of HTC 10 that it is clear but not unexpected sense.

    Apparently after so many metal phone design, HTC seems to ponder the true sense of the metal fuselage, HTC 10 trimming back more ergonomic than those competitors. HTC One M8 encountered in slippery grip of the arc and M9 strange plastic texture, HTC 10 has a metal body integration.

    HTC 10 provides several color versions, gold, silver, gray, red, and its front panel color is also difference , such as in the United States that you buy silver version will be equipped with black panel, and in the elsewhere, a white panel.

    Front of the phone uses a 5.1 inches 2K resolution screen and use 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass protection administration. HTC fingerprint on the front and lifted his chin nearby HTC Logo, HTC spokesman said no necessary to remind consumers that you are using an HTC phone (but do not forget, is still a large Logo back).
    HTC 10: HTC's new flagship phone-5zyp-fxrcizu4109394-300x219.jpg
    HTC 10 increasing the return key and function keys

    Canceled a long chin and front speakers of HTC 10 Logo looks very cool, but even more surprising is the virtual function keys are also able to return. HTC 10 fingerprint keys left and right to increase the return and back touch keys, built-in LED lights. In addition Fengyun fingerprint can do 0.2 seconds to unlock the key, if you have experienced HTC One A9 fingerprints believe that telling the truth.

    HTC front piece 5.2 inches screen resolution of 2K level, the screen is called SuperLCD 5, looks quite nice, brightness and clarity can be no exaggeration to say that rival LG and Samsung, HTC also claims that this official website screen than the previous generation of LCD screen displays 30% more color.

    HTC 10 2K resolution screen

    After several years of baptism, sophisticated sound quality HTC has a lot of benefit from this new generation has HTC 10 HTC BoomSound? Dual speaker stereo system with Dolby surround the introduction of the rational with the treble and bass sound, built-in professional power amplifier, so that Music details closer to professional audio. HTC also brought achieve Hi-Res Audio headphones certified cochlea sound for us, 13mm driver unit, volume 70 percent increases, a wider range, polymeric materials by air diaphragm, the sound quality is great.

    from HCQS

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    Re: HTC 10: HTC's new flagship phone

    htc is one of the worst phone provider ever !!! hahahaha

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    Re: HTC 10: HTC's new flagship phone

    Hey, for a long time I have not seen them in use by other people, as it has become unpopular.

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