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    If you are having a problem receiving the G4 signal. go to settings click on privacy and reset your phone to factory settings, this will erase everything on telephone memory, but not on your sdcard unless you want it to, follow directions on that. After you do that you should get the G4 signal, NOTE (make sure you are in an area that provides G4 signal, if not you should at least get a 3G or 1x signal), If you dont, then your device needs to be exchanged under warrantee. If your phone reboots on its own, download the update for your LG Esteem from the LG website. If after downloading the update your phone still updates on its own then you need to exchange your device under warrantee. it took me 4 exchanges to get the rebooting problem rectified.

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    Re: problems with LG Esteem

    Is the esteem capable of creating a mobile hotspot on metro pcs' network? If not is there anyother phones I should look into that do and can be flashed fully to metro thanks.

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