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    Hi i am new in these forums but i have a question and hopfully someone can help me. Recently i bought a Black v3 razr with video capture thru ebay it's the second black v3 phone that i have bought with the same seller although this new black v3 has video capture and the other black one does not i also have a normal silver razr v3 that i bought directly thru cingular that my wife uses i have been playing with the new black v3 razr with video capture and found something out that i dont know if its a defect or maybee these version of the v3's software does.
    When i take a picture in low light conditions or no light conditions with the phone closed using the external LCD the phone comes back displaying a message saying "PICTURE CAPTURE FAILED" on the external LCD, but if i take a picture when there is light then the picture is stored to the phone just like it should, what is really wierd is that all my other v3 phones including the other black v3 phone w/o the video capture takes the pictures and store them even if i take a picture when its pitch black but this new phone only takes them when there is light using the external LCD, if i take the picture with the phone open in the dark it does take it and store it. WHATS GOING ON IS THIS NORMAL??? is it beacuse the phone is a video capture V3 phone? Shouldn't the phone take the picture no matter what the lighting conditions are or are all the newer black V3 phones with video capture do the same thing???

    Any advice would be GREAT!!!

    ohhh.......If it makes any difference the phone was made in singapore.



    See More: Black V3 razr picture problem. Please Read!
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